Thank you to...

The cast and crew would like to thank the following people for their generous contributions to our IndieGoGo crowd funding campaign.

Without the support and kindness of these people we would not have been able to put the show together and get ourselves to Edinburgh. Each of the following people and their families are shining examples of how important support networks and generosity are. Every donation has counted and has been deeply appreciated.

The AHMOD Team would like to thank:

Hillary Bauer; Victoria Brennan; Andy Brickell; Roger Broadbent; Pauline Cave; Djina Dann; Rob Doherty; Jason Flemying; John Gailey; M. Goodwill; Adam Harman; Andy Hoggarth; Graham Longbottom; Anna-Rose Regan; Phoebe Scholfield; Victoria Selwyn; Dot Spencer; Imelda Spencer; Charles Varcoe; Ashish Vij; Ania Walker; Peter Walker; Peter Whittaker.

We would also like to say a particular thanks to Dave Spencer of Another Soup Productions for allowing us to use his company, and generally stepping in at all times to make this process easier.

Also, Stephen and Ania Walker for supplying raffle prizes; Roger Broadbent for providing his garden in Sussex; Lucie Broadbent Smith for helping organise and publicise the Sussex shows; James Pope for building us a bed; Livia Carron for filming and editing our first promo video; Sam Pope for filming and editing our second promo video; Mal Smith at for creating and maintaining our website as well as designing and printing our t-shirts along with Ryder and Olivia Broadbent Smith.

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